Our Services
Our Services
DX comprehensive support service
Utilizing real estate x IT development and operation experience
Deploy various services
Strategy planning support in the management area, requirement definition creation from idea design in service development, We provide a wide range of support, from system development to PR activity support.
DX promotion support 6 perspectives
Service list
AI / IoT business
Residence kit
We provide the IoT rental management platform "Residence kit". We will facilitate three-way communication between owners, tenants, and management companies, and build an innovation foundation for the lifestyle and real estate industry.
AI / IoT business
Residence kit for Owner
Introducing "Residence kit for Owner", a rental management app for rental owners provided by Residence kit. By utilizing various data provided by the app, it is possible to carry out easy and advanced rental management.
AI / IoT business
Residence kit for PM
It is a PM platform that links the resident application and the owner application with the RPA tool for the management company.
PM Platform Business
Operates and develops smart hotels. We propose smooth facility operation using ICT in tourist spots nationwide.
income club business
income club
Matching "investors who want to buy investment real estate" and "traders who want to sell investment real estate". A membership-based real estate investment marketplace that utilizes technology and a network of merchants.

Our Services