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The Group recognizes that strengthening its compliance and risk management system is an extremely important issue. To this end, the Company has established the Compliance Headquarters to oversee the Group's compliance and risk management, and to ensure the effectiveness of the Compliance Committee. In addition to ensuring the effectiveness of the Compliance Committee, we are working to strengthen the compliance and risk management system in cooperation with the Board of Directors, the Audit Committee, and the Internal Audit Office.

1. Review of Compliance System

In addition to reiterating the existence and significance of the whistle-blowing system to all officers and employees, the Company has established a compliance line for related parties (customers and business partners) outside the Company in order to improve, enhance and activate the whistle-blowing system.

Corporate Governance System

2. Enhancement of Whistleblowing System

There has been no whistleblowing on falsification of documents including and similar to this case to date. For this reason, the Company is reiterating the existence and significance of the whistleblowing system to all directors, officers and employees, has established a compliance hotline for parties outside the company (customers and business partners), and is improving, enhancing and revitalizing the whistleblowing system.

[Overview of the Company’s Whistleblowing System]

  1. The Company’s whistleblowing system has been established for all directors, officers and employees working in the Company’s gGroup, and for customers and business partners.
  2. Of these, the External Whistleblowing Hotline and the robot home group Compliance Hotline are handled by an independent outside organization.
  3. Summary reports of whistleblowing and results of investigations are reported to the Compliance Committee and the Audit and Supervisory Committee, and the internal rules such asit the Employment Regulations stipulate that any directors, officers or employees found to treat a whistleblower or a person who cooperates with an investigation disadvantageously will be strictly punished.
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About compliance management system