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Announcement for Year-End and New Year's Holidays

Our office will be closed from December 29, 2023 to January 3, 2024 due to Year-End and New Year's Holidays.

You may submit your inquiry through our online inquiry forms.
However, please note that we will not be able to reply your inquiry during this period.
We will respond to you as soon as possible after the holiday.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
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Please enter again after correcting the errors.
We will respond to your inquiries on weekdays (9:00 to 17:30) as a general rule.
Please be advised that we may need time to respond to your inquiry.
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Regarding the handling of personal information

robot home, Inc.
Personal Information Protection Manager
General Manager of Compliance Headquarters

Personal information inputted by you will be used for the following purposes as part of providing services to you. Please be aware that we may not be able to answer your inquiry where you do not input the required items.

(Intended use)
A) Answering your inquiries
B) Providing information on merchandise and services handled by the Investors Cloud group companies, and for sales activities such as through postal mail, email and telephone
C) Conducting market research and customer behavior analyses within each division of the Investors Cloud group companies. Also, for research and analysis of the development of merchandise and sales methods, etc.

We will not provide your personal information to a third party without your consent, except where we either outsource to a contractor which meets our company’s selection criteria, for the purpose of storing and managing information inputted by you on our system, make joint use of that information between our group companies pursuant to the following items, for the purpose of our group providing you with a comprehensive service, or except where we have your prior consent, or where we are required by laws and regulations, etc.
(Joint use of your personal information by our group companies)
■ Purpose of joint use
For the purpose of our group providing you with a comprehensive service
■ Items of personal information to be jointly used
Personal information, etc. described in your application form and contract etc.
■ Method of provision
Sending of documents or by electromagnetic methods, etc.
■ Scope of persons making joint use of your personal information
robot home, Inc. and the consolidated subsidiaries and affiliated companies accounted for using equity method described in its securities reports, etc.

You may ask us to notify you of the purpose for which the personal information submitted by you is used, to disclose, amend, add to, delete, suspend the use of or remove that personal information, or to cease providing that personal information to third parties. Where you wish to make such a request, please contact us at the following point of contact.

(Point of contact for personal information inquiries)
robot home, Inc. Tokyo office

Please see the description of "Request Procedures for Personal Information Disclosure" for the procedure for requesting disclosure of personal information prescribed by our company.

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