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福岡市が推進する「博多旧市街プロジェクト」の 「出来町公園休養施設等設置・管理運営事業」実施事業者に決定!


アプリではじめるIoTアパート経営「TATERU Apartment(タテルアパートメント)」の開発・運営を行う株式会社TATERU(本社:東京都渋谷区/代表取締役CEO:古木大咲/証券コード:1435、以下当社)は、福岡市が推進する「出来町公園休養施設等設置・管理運営事業」の事業者に決定し、福岡市と基本協定を締結いたしましたので、お知らせします。







タイムズ24株式会社、チームラボ株式会社、株式会社NO CORPORATION、ほか


2018年4月27日 観光バス乗降場供用開始

乗降可能台数 :6台(完全予約制)
予約受付開始日時 :2018年4月26日(木)9:00
本件に関するお問い合わせ先 :タイムズ24株式会社 広報担当

2018年9月頃   観光拠点施設工事着手予定
2019年4月頃   観光拠点施設供用開始予定


面積 :6,673㎡
開園 :昭和40年(平成29年12月11日リニューアル)



TATERU Selected for Building, Managing, and Maintaining Rest Spot at Dekimachi Park as Part of Fukuoka City’s Hakata Old Town Project


TATERU, Inc. (head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; representative director/CEO: Daisaku Furuki; securities identification code: 1435; “the company”) announces that it has been selected for building, managing and maintaining a rest spot facility at Dekimachi Park as a part of Fukuoka City’s project and has signed a basic agreement with the city.

TATERU selected for building, managing and maintaining rest spot at Dekimachi Park!

Fukuoka City has promoted Hakata Old Town Project to improve attraction by tying valuable resources in the Hakata region with stories and cityscapes. While historic old towns have driven tourism as sightseeing spots in many cities around the world, this project is designed to build an old town in Fukuoka city, which is accepting more and more inbound tourists every year, and maximize the inbound benefit across the region through public-private partnership. Located in the heart of downtown Fukuoka, Dekimachi Park was renovated last winter. In this park, Fukuoka city plans to build, manage and maintain a rest spot facility as a sightseeing destination in the Gokusho area under the Hakata Old Town Project. TATERU has been selected for this project and signed a basic agreement with the city.

Theme is “creating sightseeing spots in Old Town Hakata and innovating tourism using artificial intelligence (AI)/IoT”

Based on the theme of “creating sightseeing spots in Old Town Hakata and innovating tourism using artificial intelligence (AI)/IoT,” the company will improve the mobility and convenience, rejuvenate the area, and create a line of flow in the area and guide people under this Dekimachi Park project. In the park, the company plans to build a rest facility in harmony with the surrounding cityscape and landscape on a street from Hakata Sennen-no-mon Gate, a welcoming gate to the historic and cultural zone to the tour bus stop that will also be newly created. The facility will serve as a space for relaxation for inbound tourists and local residents. The company will also collect various tourist data including inbound and domestic tourists’ attributes, positional information, chat history, and voice translation history through AI- and IoT-based tourism services. Accumulated database will be shared with Fukuoka city for planning subsequent tourism measures and developing and offering new solutions using big data.

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April 27, 2018 Start operation of tour bus stop

Number of buses :6 units (reservation required for all seats)
Reservation accepted starting : 9:00 a.m., Thu, April 26, 2018
Reservation websiteト
 *Membership registration required.
Inquiries :Communications, Park24
 Tel: 03-3213-8910

September 2018 Start construction of sightseeing facility (scheduled)
April 2019 Start operation of sightseeing facility (scheduled)

<Overview of Dekimachi Park>

Address: 1-chome, Hakata-ekimae, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi
Space: 6,673㎡
Park opened in: 1965 (renovated on December 11, 2017)

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Press Release Details